The Netherlands: Attractive business climate
For centuries, The Netherlands has been a thriving centre of international commerce. Combining an excellent infrastructure with an attractive fiscal climate and an abundance of client-driven service providers, it offers large incentives for internationally oriented companies, forming a commercial portal to the European Union.

Recent legal reforms have further improved the competitive position of the Netherlands, making The Netherlands a strategic base for organizations of all sizes and in all industries. In order to get the most out of these opportunities, the support of experienced international business lawyers and strategic business advisors is pivotal.

Ducth-Company: Allied Business Expansion (ABE)
Dutch-Company has the expertise to provide legal and fiscal advocacy and support services and strategic business advice to companies operating in, investing in, or exporting to The Netherlands and/or the European Union. We can assist you to take advantage of opportunities and address strategic market, legal and political access challenges. We offer superior market knowledge, insights and intelligence, extensive operational experience and a wide network of relationships to assist companies who seek to do business or invest in Europe.

Allied Lawyers (NL Lawyers) and Invalesco International, LLC, created a joint venture named Allied Businness Expansion to offer precisely that.

ABE created the concept of Dutch-Company and operates client-driven. Dutch-Company is fully knowledgeable, and is the logical choice for any organization that seeks to start or expand their business in the Netherlands, as a gateway to the European Union. Dutch-Company has a strong presence in North America and The Netherlands, and has a deep bench of additional strategic alliances and relationships across Europe.

Do you need to set up an operating entity and/or international holding company? Interested in expanding your activities into the European Union by taking advantage of the specialized Dutch tax treaty? Seeking local legal, accounting and/or strategic business advice in expanding your business? Are you looking to gain access to European customers by 1) obtaining industry analysis and insights, 2) using ABE’s business network, 3) obtaining intellectual property protection and monetization strategies, and 4) obtaining advice on your market strategy. Do you need a strategic partner located or need to acquire local operations? Dutch-Company can help you structure your company and build the strategic and operational roadmap which can succeed in sustainable and profitable growth.

A proactive approach to your interests
Understanding the competitive intensity, as well as the customer and consumer insights, is one of the most important requirements before entering any new market place. More often than not, outperforming competitors occurs through a better understanding of key growth drivers and market structure and trends, without neglecting cultural market realities.

Gaining a holistic understanding of the business and its legal aspects, the market and its customers will enable you to develop a solid winning business strategy.

We do not take a passive approach to your opportunities. We actively seek ways to contribute toward the advancement of your goals and objectives. To achieve business growth in the ever changing Dutch/European market, Ducth-Company has developed a line of Services, offering solutions to a wide variety of current and future challenges. Let our knowledgeable professionals be your network for an efficacious and efficient legal, accounting and business advisory process, which includes a comprehensive ability to execute on your strategic plan.

Whether you want to incorporate a dutch company (‘Besloten Vennootschap’), set up a virtual office or perform an in-depth market analysis: our corporate, fiduciary and business development advisors have the expertise and network to provide you with not only the strategic analysis and advice that you need but also to assist you with its full execution in the European Union market.

Dutch-Company combines thorough and hands-on market research experience with industry insights and management expertise to assist and support you in identifying your market roadmap. By understanding your business Dutch-Company’s team of experts is able to design a custom-made, effective winning market entry strategy.

Dutch-Company offers:

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