How we work

We use a Partner centric service model. You will only ever be dealing with a partner so that our expertise is fully leveraged for your benefit. We find it important to quickly be of service. If you contact us by phone, by mail or via the contact form on the website, you will be contacted on the same business day by one of our partners. You will receive an initial consultation. Following this initial consultation, you can decide whether you want to retain our services. Once you have indicated that you would like to proceed further, we will forward to you a comprehensive Mutual Non Disclosure Agreement which is used for your protection. In this way, we can assure you that all of your information will be kept strictly confidential and fully protected.

Once you have made your decision, we will arrange for an office and/or Skype phone call with you to begin the process. An initial interview process is necessary so that we can formulate an appropriate scope of work. This is important both to know your needs, what is expected of Dutch-Company, and to provide you with clarity regarding the cost for all services. Once we have reached clarity on your needs and goals, we will have you review and approve our engagement.

We are committed to knowledge transfer to management teams for effective strategy development and implementation. Dutch-Company is committed to transparency and open communication. During the engagement, you will have full access to your project team via telephone and Skype to foster this transparency and communication.

Dutch-Company’s partners are knowledgeable in the local market place:

  • Multicultural: 7 languages, multinational
  • Multifunctional: Strategy/Marketing, Organizational Development, IP, Legal/Accounting/Financial/Tax, Investor Relations and Capital Access
  • Geographic focus: The Netherlands, Europe, North America
  • Enterprise focus: Real estate funds, with assets worth $ 300 (€ 250) million and up, Enterprises $ 10 (€ 8) million in revenue and up
  • Industry focus: Consumer products, Agriculture, Healthcare, IT, Transportation, TMT/Telecommunications

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